About Heather

Hi! My name is Heather but many people know me online as Ember or, if you’ve been here since the beginning, Skye. I live with my MEANIEHEAD wonderful husband Jeremy, son Isaac, and earth elemental dog Oakley. I was born on June 4, am #actuallyautistic, moved to Texas in June 2014, graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from Florida Atlantic University, and am currently working as a reading teacher by day. By night I can usually be found snuggling my family, writing, reading, or slaying dragons on World of Warcraft (usually as Embersong).

I started writing in middle school with friends. My friend Sara and I wrote a scary play together and my friend Sarah and I wrote some pretty bad Terry Brooks fan fiction. On my own, I never really was able to finish anything until I got up the courage to write a “memoir” (that sounds so important) about my teenage years when three of the most important people in my life died and how it impacted me. Writing it, putting it all into words, let me process it and grow. After that, I began writing the stories that became Burn the Ashes. Like my memoir, the early versions helped me process things going on in my own life: loss (again), my failing relationship, moving on, perspective, and my neurodiversity. Writing is very important to who I am.