New Year, New Books

January 4, 2018 Heather 2

Whether you made a resolution to read more, are gearing up for the Goodreads book challenge, or just like a good book when you get the chance to read, a free book is always a great thing. Burn the Ashes is FREE today on Kindle! Explore Trinity, a post-apocalyptic Dallas, with a cast of diverse characters coming to terms with Read More


December 31, 2017 Heather 0

Hello, all 🙂 Happy (almost) near year! I’m not one to personify years or put much into all that, but I’m hoping 2018 is the year my writing takes off. I’ve been working on Burn the Ashes for years, here and there and mostly on school breaks. I’m very excited to publish and share it with everyone, but more excited Read More


September 12, 2015 Heather 0

I have been feeling the pull again recently: the need to write, the lives and emotions of my characters seeping into my thoughts.  There is always a lull in my writing when school starts. The exhaustion kicks in, both physically and mentally. I’ve noticed that it has been worse this time around because I’m pregnant. During the week, even if Read More

Kinder Writing Wisdom

May 30, 2014 Heather 2

One of the things I hear most often when people find out that I write stories is that I must be super smart or super creative or super blessed. The truth is something that I try to instill in my bitties: you make success when you work hard, believe in yourself, and keep trying even when you think you can’t. Read More

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