Rush of Blood Updates

Despite the lack of posts here, I’ve been hard at work writing Rush of Blood this summer. It is done, barring feedback and revisions, and completes the stories of all of your favorite characters from Burn the Ashes. I have been dreaming this book for a very long time and am overjoyed that I finally got it all typed out. My story and characters grew so much more than I had planned and I’m in love with the depth in them. I hope that is ok for me to say, because its how I feel.

I’m currently debating on the artwork for the cover, but it’ll be posted here as soon as it is ready. I’m aiming to publish by the end of the year.

I’ve been working to keep my author facebook Heather Shahan, Author relatively updated, so definitely check there. I’ve updated my Instagram and Twitter to use @emberwrites instead of my previous username, though I include personal and political subjects (respectively) there in addition to authorly things.

I go back to work next week, but I’ll still be around. I have a plan for regular posts on Facebook throughout the week. My goal is to keep my workday alarm set for the weekends as well and write every weekend morning from 5am until the child awakens. My next book is in the planning stages and I am very excited about it. While it isn’t in Trinity, I’m enjoying the change. I probably won’t mention much about it anywhere until after Rush of Blood is published, though.

If you’d like to help out, please tell your friends about Burn the Ashes. Reviews also help tons, both on Amazon and Goodreads.